Flush Mount Album

Product Description

Perfect for weddings, birthdays and other celebrations, this Artistique Flush Mount Album is the perfect way to record your most precious memories. Print your beautiful design artwork on the material cover to create a unique photo album for your loved ones.

flush Mount Album



No. of pages:

20 pages

**Add up to maximum 40 pages.


S$ 220.00

Additional page:

S$ 6.00

*Promo Price:

S$ 110.00
( 50% Off )

*Apply FMAPROMOSG during checkout to get 50% Off for all sizes of Modern White Photo Album. (Discount includes add pages)



Artistique Flush Mount Album


1.2mm thick page with semi matte finish


Seamless Lay-Flat


Pages are laminated with high-quality protective coating.

Artistique Flush Mount Album Description

Cover: Artwork print on fabric material cover

Your artwork is printed directly on the cover using the ink print technique. You may choose your own color of your artwork.

Fabric Cover Options

Available in various cover colour that are suitable for any occasion.

The pages lay perfectly flat, open out to 180 degrees

A hardcover and interior pages that open completely flat (layflat) to display your photos in their best light. It's perfect for your most beautiful photographed moments!

The Page: 1.2 mm thick page

Each page is printed as one photo and then mounted on a beautiful weighty soft boards making it a lightweight photo album.

The Content: Semi matte Content

The content is printed on a quality semi matte paper. The images will look just like how you know them from classic photo prints.

Pages Lamination: Photo Album that last for long time

Pages are Laminated with high-quality protective coating that makes it water resistant and to protect your images from fading.

Artistique Flush Mount Album Design Options

There are 3 ways to make your photo album. You can choose to install our powerful software desktop designer or online (browser based) designer, or simply send your ready artwork to us for printing.

Use Our Designer Software

Photobookjoy Desktop Designer

Photobookjoy Desktop Designer

To get started, download and install our free Photobookjoy Desktop Designer. Load your photos from your computer or import via online photo album, drag and drop your photos in the ready template for an easy and faster way to design the photobook.
The Photobookjoy Desktop designer comes in PC and Mac Edition.


Photobookjoy Online Designer

Photobookjoy Online Designer (Browser based) do not require any installation. Drag and drop your photos into the ready template using the online designer. Access the Photobookjoy Online Designer directly using your Desktop or Mobile with internet access.

Photobookjoy Online Designer

Use your own ready design artwork

Provide Ready Artwork

Ready Design Artwork

You have your design ready? We accept your ready artwork in PDF & JPG format. 3mm Bleed require for the artwork file. Additional charges apply if your artwork size is not the same as our standard size or if additional effort required from us to make changes to your file.


Artistique Photo Album

Size Cover
8" x 8" 400mm 200mm 3mm 406mm 206mm 400mm 200mm 3mm 406mm 206mm
11" x 11" 594mm 294mm 10mm 600mm 300mm 580mm 290mm 3mm 586mm 296mm
11" x 8.5" 530mm 200mm 3mm 536mm 296mm 530mm 200mm 3mm 536mm 206mm
16" x 11" 804mm 274mm 3mm 810mm 280mm 794mm 274mm 3mm 800mm 280mm
6" x 8" 284mm 194mm 3mm 290mm 200mm 284mm 194mm 3mm 290mm 200mm
8.5" x 11" 404mm 284mm 3mm 406mm 290mm 400mm 290mm 3mm 406mm 296mm

File Checklist

  • Use the correct dimension for files
  • Files must have an even number of pages
  • Do not use spot or registration colour
  • For full-bleed printing, stretch images to the pages's edge
  • Recommend images resolution is 300dpi

What is Bleed ?

Bleed is the portion of your design that extends past the trim size. Bleed is cut off when the publication is trimmed on the final size. Its sole purpose is to maje sure your design or image reaches the very edge without leaving any unsightly white edges. The photobook bleed is 3mm larger than the trim size.

Don't want to use online designer ? You may try our Desktop Designer.

Download Desktop Designer

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