Photobookjoy Flush Mount Album
Superb Artisan Quality

Artisan expertise using art binding techniques presents clean seamless album printed on thick premium paper. Print your best memories from all occasion to enjoy a lifetime.

Classic Linen Hardcover

A luxury Photo Album with linen applied to a hard cover. Option to put a label with custom text on the cover.

HandCraft binding & Lay-Flat spread

Professional handcrafted binding using classic bookbinding techniques to ensure quality and durable photo album that can last for years to come. With this technique, the page lie opens completely flat allowing seamless gorgeous spread to showcase your photos.

Entire page is a single photographic print

The pages lay perfectly flat, so the full spread is completely seamless

Made to be thick, thick pages 1.8mm

The thickness of 1.8mm pages provides not only beautiful quality photo album but also durability for years to come.

1.8mm thick page provide durability for years to come

Sweeping double-page spreads of seamless lay-flat binding

Beautiful Matte or Glossy Finish

Pages are print on high-quality photographic paper, option to choose matte or glossy finish.

Beautiful glossy finish

Luxury matte finish

Classic Linen Flush Mount Photo Album Sizes & Prices

All Flush Mount Photo Album comes with 20 pages.
Contact us for further pricing if you need any customization or additional pages.

8" x 8"

SGD 309.00

Start Photo Album

10" x 10"

SGD 389.00

Start Photo Album

12" x 12"

SGD 419.00

Start Photo Album

12" x 8"

SGD 319.00

Start Photo Album

15" x 11"

SGD 499.00

Start Photo Album

8" x 12"

SGD 309.00

Start Photo Album

11" x 15"

SGD 499.00

Start Photo Album

Apply NOVFLUSHMOUNT during checkout to get 40% Off for all type of Flush Mount Album.

Other options to design your Flush Mount Album

Two others way to design your Flush Mount Album

Design by Desktop Designer

Design yourself with download and install a free photobookjoy Desktop Designer. Option to use your own favours fonts, background , frame , scapt book and more. The Desktop Designer come with PC and Mac Edition.

Download Designer

We'll design it for you

Our Professional designer will design your album based on your requirement. Send us the photos and the requirement, we will do the design . Service fee applied for the professional design service.

Contact us

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