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Create eye-catching posters for conferences, class presentation, window advertising, trade shows or special occasion. You can even create memories with a poster where everyone can sign on with a personal message.

A4 size poster prints pricing

Quantities 260gsm 310gsm
4 pcs
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S$ 9.00

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S$ 12.00

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S$ 10.80

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Have your own artwork? Just upload your design and we will print the poster.

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Use our online designer to customise your own logo, background and add text or message.

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Why choose us

Print high quality poster that stands out with Photobookjoy.

Create your poster with PhotobookJoy that draws attention and displays your message in a big way. PhotobookJoy posters are printed on high-quality art paper with superior print quality helps you create a professional looking poster to showcase your ideas in a clear, concise and visually interesting manner that clearly communicate important points while inviting feedback and conversation.

Photobookjoy posters are printed on quality art card paper using 260gsm thickness as a basic and upgradable to 310gsm to give a thicker and luxurious feel. The art paper is available in several finishes or texture from no lamination, glossy to matte. The matte finish gives a smooth finish brings out the lighter colours in the graphic, and allows for a softer image. Meanwhile, the gloss laminated cards have a reflective shine that brightens your graphics and creates extremely vibrant eye-catching colours.

Create posters to be used at conferences, class presentation, university open days, window advertising or special occasions using our easy to use PhotobookJoy Designer. Our easy to use software designer allows you to create poster in minutes using our many templates. You can easily add text or change font of your choice and create your very own custom poster the way you wanted. You can even design and personalise your own poster using your creativity and artwork. This will help your poster stands out from the rest giving it a unique while adding a personal touch to them.