Hardcover Imagewrap

Imagewrap Hardcover is a hardcover book that allows you to print your image directly on the cover or back of the book, creating a smooth, sophisticated look that looks like part of the book.

The cover is laminated using durable glossy finish that is vivid and shiny. We offer Imagewrap Hardcover in several sizes, ideal for showcasing your beautifully photographed wedding pictures, photos of your precious newborn baby or exciting holiday trip.


Softcover photo book is compact and lighter in weight that is made for sharing. The extraordinary value of Softcover photo book makes perfect family reunion albums or cookbooks, sports team memory books, mini brag books for extended family, or small scrapbooks to memorialise vacations.

Apart of this, Softcover photo book is ideal to use as the collections of photos, which traditionally were printed on loose 4R prints. Since a compact compilation of photos is a lot more convenient to keep and browse, it makes perfect sense to use Softcover photo book for all types of events.

About photo book

We offer a collection of themes to help you create your own photo book effortlessly. Just select your favourite photos and choose a theme. Photobookjoy automatically lays out your pictures, and there is still the opportunity to add your own personal touch like clipart, text and more.


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