Standard Size

Photo Prints

Perfect for everyday occasions, family gift and vacation keepsakes...

Choose your preferred standard photo print size

We offer 3 sizes of photo prints for standard size prints that reference the guideline for market standard prints size. 4R (4" x 6") , 5R (5" x 7") and 8R (10" x 8"). You'll be able to print your photos for display in any size frames you choose!

4R Photo Print

4R Photo Prints
From 50 pcs S$ 0.25 / pc
  • 50 ~ 200 S$ 0.30 / pc
    201 ~ 300 S$ 0.30 / pc
    301 ~ 1000 S$ 0.25 / pc
  • Paper tyoe: Glossy Photo Paper
  • Size: 6" x 4"

5R Photo Print

5R Photo prints
From 6 pcs S$ 0.40 / pc
  • = Starting from 6 peices : S$ 0.40 / pc
  • Paper tyoe: Glossy Photo Paper
  • Size: 7" x 5"

8R Photo Print

8R Photo Prints
From 2 pcs S$ 4.00 / pc
  • Strating from 2 peices : S$ 4.00 / pc
  • Paper tyoe: Glossy Photo Paper
  • Size: 10" x 8"

Standard Size Photo Prints

We print your lovely photos into tangible prints you can hold in your hand. Standard prints come in Size of 4R, 5R and 8R are printed on a photo paper.

Customise your print the way you wanted (multiple photos colleage)

Photo Printing never be boring again, you may customise the way how your final photo look like, Add frame, multiple photos colleage, add text and more ...

Design your photo in the way you wanted.

Professional Quality Photo Prints

Our top quality photo card prints with ultra smooth gloss finish delivers vibrant colours that will stand the test of time.

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We offer volume discount on photobooks and calendar orders of 10 and more

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