Product ordering process

1. Login or Create Account

You will prompt for login if you have placed a photo book order. If you don't have an existing account with PhotobookJoy, you can create a new account with us.

2. Fill in your Login and Contact Information

Fill in your login and contact information to create a new account. The contact information will be used for billing and shipping information. If the addresses are not the same, you can change the addresses during your review of the order process.

3. Review order details

Review your order details before you proceed for payment. Make sure the Billing and Shipping address is enter correctly.

4. Apply Promotion code or Voucher Code (optional)

If you have prepaid voucher code, you may apply the voucher at this stage.

5. Payment

Once you have confirmed your order, billing and shipping details, you may proceed for payment. You will be directed to the Paypal payment website for the payment. Once payment is completed, an email notification will be send to you.

6. Choice Content Delivery Method

Once you have confirmed the payment, the system will prompt you for content delivery method. You may choose to upload the content to us via Internet or save the content in your PC / Mac and burn into CD/DVD (please do not change the file name) and send to us via postage. We will start process your order once we received your files.