Make your own photo book in 5 minutes

1. Choose your photo book type

Choose your favourite photo book type to start. We provide various types of photo book just for your needs. To find out more about the different sizes, click on the “Information” button. Once you have decided which photo book to start, just click on the title of the photo book. Your journey to create your photo book begins here..

2. Import photo from folder

Import your favourite photos into PhotobookJoy Designer. Click on the "+" button and choose "Add Folder Containing Pictures…”. Once you have clicked that, a window pop out will appear for you to select a folder that contains all your favourite photos. Alternatively, you may Click on "Add Individual Picture Files…” if your favourite photos are located in several places in your hard disk.

* You may repeat this steps as many times you like until all your favourite photos are imported.

3. Auto populate photos

Click on the "Auto Flow” button to automatically populate your photos into the ready template. The program will decide for you where to place your photos.

* If you would like to display your photos in sequence, you will need to rename the photo file name sequentially. The program will auto populate your photos based on the sequence you prefer.

4. Customize Text

You may enter any texts or phrases you like.

5. Preview

Once the photos are populated into the photo book, you are advised to preview it. You can click on the "Play" button at the top bar to preview your photo book.

You can click on the "X" button to stop preview.

6. Re-touch (optional)

Sometimes, you may have your own preference on how the photos are going to look like in the frame. Double click on the photo you wish to change to focus in the frame. A new window with the photo will appear. and the section currently displayed on frame will be highlighted. You may adjust by dragging the highlighted portion to the position you wish to display. Once you are happy, click on "OK" button.

7. Add to Shopping Cart

Once you are happy with your photo book layout, you may save your work and proceed for order and printing. Click on "Shopping Cart" button to finalise your order.